The 2014-2015 operating general fund budget for Lincoln County was approved by the County Commissioners at their regular meeting May 19, with the exception of the Town of Pioche.

The budget covers Lincoln County, Lincoln County Regional Transportation Committee and the towns of Panaca and Alamo.

A little more tweaking may need to be done, but Commissioner Paul Mathews said, “We think those numbers will work.” He added no layoffs are expected to be necessary. The general fund figure for the coming year is $4,885,550, but may change slightly before the June 2 deadline before being submitted to the budget to the state Department of Taxation. 

The Pioche Town Board has a little more work to do on their budget, but board member Phyllis Robistow told Commissioners they will get it fixed and submitted for approval by Commissioners at the June 2 meeting.

County auditor Dan McArthur said that would still meet the statutory requirement date of June 2, although the town board could possibly ask for an extension of the budget deadline.

McArthur gave each Commissioner a copy of the 2014-2015 budget, a binder about four inches thick, with all the facts and figures, but did not read any of the sections in the public meeting. 

Earlier, Commissioners held a closed door session and Mathews reported they have come to a tentative agreement with the Teamsters Union covering Clerical, Sheriff’s dispatch, and the County Road Department. Figures were not given.