Paranormal Researches of Nevada (PRN) has geared up and joined with the Caliente Homecoming Committee for the annual Memorial Day Weekend celebration, hosting a variety of events and activities. Originally, plans were to only investigate the depot after claims by locals that it was haunted. After meeting with Mayor Stana Hurlburt, said Richard Murkey, founder of the paranormal research team, and discussing the weekend plans full of activities, the team wanted to be a part of the weekend, not just ghost hunting for a night. Murkey explained that being a part of this type of research isn’t just about going into buildings, setting up cameras and hoping to catch something on film, but to “bring public awareness to these historic towns and structures that once fueled the beginnings of this great country of ours.”

Murkey said, “It’s important that we exhaust every effort to save these American Treasures.”

The researchers will be hosting a fundraising raffle, as well as sponsoring activities. On Saturday, raffle tickets will be sold at Caliente Auto Repair & Service for a chance to go hunting with the researches that night in the Depot. Sunday, they will be at Rose park with a booth of activities, and another night with the crew will be raffled.