National Trails Day is on Saturday, June 7. Lincoln County participates in this national event that brings together outdoor enthusiasts from across the country to celebrate America’s magnificent trail systems.

This year Lincoln County will be offering hikes, ATV run, 5K run, and an Equestrian ride. The hikes feature a dog hike at Kershaw-Ryan State Park for those who want to include their canine companions; a primitive/rustic hike that is for more advanced hikers; scenic and family friendly hikes at Cathedral Gorge and Spring Valley State Parks; and, at Beaver Dam State Park, hikers can enjoy natures gifts of deep canyons, meandering streams and diverse plant life.

The ATV run will take advantage of Silver State Trails which are well established for a fun ride. Riders will discover colorful canyon walls and, if they are lucky, will see some of the areas petroglyphs. The ride will take participants near the tops of mountains for awesome panoramic views.

The equestrian ride offers horse owners the opportunity for a great day in the saddle. Beginning near Pioche, the ride will be a round trip adventure to and from Condor Canyon. 

Finally, the 5K Run will begin at Kershaw-Ryan State Park with views of spectacular rock striations found in Rainbow Canyon.

Event start times will vary. There is no charge for the trail event, however, there may be a park entrance fee. Please check details on-line at  

Boxed lunches and drinks can be reserved through early registration on-line. You can also register on the day of event at the Trails Day Registration headquarters located at the “Y” Shell station on US-93 and NV319 (Panaca junction). Box lunches and beverages will be available for purchase in limited quantities at registration headquarters.

Since 1993, National Trails Day has inspired millions of individuals and community groups to take part in activities that promote healthy living and mental well-being, protect green space, educate youth and adults on the importance of trails, and instill excitement for the outdoors. Plan now to attend a Trails Day event in Lincoln County!

Trails Day is sponsored by LCAT (Lincoln Communities Action Team), a non-profit organization. Proceeds from product sales will go to our Educational Support Fund which helps us achieve our goal of “Providing education and support so that individuals & organizations can grow and prosper.” For more information, please visit