Dear Editor,

The day after I read the article in the paper about the marijuana topic, I heard on the news that the sheriff’s of the states surrounding Colorado were having big problems, trouble, and headaches battling marijuana issues  (illegal in their states)   coming across their state lines.  

 I hope that Nevada, or at least Lincoln County, has the wisdom to stick to their outright ban, even when the state tries to “cram it down our throats.” It would be one less issue our officers would have to battle.

Linda Lee

Thank You,

I wanted to take a minute to say Thank You to all of the parents, coaches and volunteers who gave of their time to make the Lincoln County Little League season a great one.  Little League is a great program for our youth and we hope to see our numbers increase in the 2015 season.  

We have a lot of talent in our little communities and we want to see that grow and more youth become involved.  If we look at our programs in both Lincoln and Pahranagat Valley we can see that our Little League program has developed and continues to develop great athletes.  We have coaches that dedicate their time to this program every year and we appreciate each of them.  There are those people behind the scenes making it work as well and I wanted to make sure they know their work and dedication doesn’t go un-noticed.  

Thank you for your dedication to the Little League program, without you all it wouldn’t be possible!  

Melissa Rowe

Lincoln County Little League President

Thank you,

Caliente Little League would like to thank Jayson and Tiffany Stevens for their hard work and organization of the concession stand for the Memorial Day weekend. You are very much appreciated.

We also want to thank all of the parents and volunteers who were willing to take time out of their weekend to work in the stand. The proceeds will be put toward making the 2015 season a great one. It takes wonderful people to bring it together and we appreciate you all!

Caliente Little League