The City of Caliente City Council approved most items on their agenda last week, the first being the annual League of Cities conference approaching at the end of September. This year held in Las Vegas, Mayor Stana Hurlburt, Councilman Victor Jones and City Clerk Kelli Haluzak will be traveling to meet public officials from all over the state.

Jones said, “It’s one of the most important things we’re involved in as a city. We make valuable contacts, keep informed financially and economically as to what’s going on across the state, and it puts a face to the name,” with many key state officials attending.

New this year is the first-time meeting for city clerks, in which Haluzak was very instrumental in collaborating.

New business licenses were approved, for Jamie Ann Photography, for Jamie Chouquer and Silver State Refrigeration & HVAC, a Las Vegas based company who was recently awarded a contract for HVAC work at Grover C. Dils hospital.

Newly appointed City Attorney Dylan Frehner made comment regarding the state engineer giving a presentation regarding water rights and certificates of those rights not assigned to duties. A decision as to how certificates not assigned to duties will be handled is still yet to be made, but Frehner felt they would be able to make suggestions on what legislation and decisions the city would like to see in the litigation.

During the grants review, the Spring Heights Street project, “is ahead of schedule,” said Mayor Hurlburt, with the water line complete, and pressure tests being started. The City would like to give a friendly reminder that for the safety of the public, all are asked to keep the area vacated until the final work is completed. 

The pool grant awarded is closed, and the Caliente City pool has had great success over the summer. The pool’s last day open will be Aug. 17. A staff party for the City of Caliente workers and crews will be held this Saturday, Aug. 16, at 6 p.m. The pool will be closed to the public for that.

The next Caliente City Council meeting is scheduled for Aug. 21.