The Town of Pioche currently is supplied water from three wells, the Clay well, built in the early 1980s, Blanchard well, built in 1986, and the Murray well, built in 1965.

Right now, the Murray well is being used as a supplement to the other two wells, and the pump has been flooding from damage to the pipe. Bevan Lister, owner of 8 Mile Well Services, has been granted the task of researching and assessing the damage. After cleaning and “recamering” the well, Lister suggested the town purchase a new submersible pump and look into replacing the well.

Lengthy discussion was had between town board members. Between report figures and measures, Lister was unable to touch the bottom of the well. Pioche Public Utilities reported there is static water at 95 feet.

Newly appointed board member Tom Brown had concerns of a cave-in under the well without a true knowledge of the well depth. 

Lister said having three wells, “is good for our size.” For the size of Pioche, two would be the minimum to operate the town. The Murray well has potential, in figures, to pump 200 to 300 gallons of water per minute. Lister said the average life cycle of the wells are 25 to 30 years, and having three fully-functioning wells would allow for replacing one every ten years. The Murray well has been pumping water for 50 years.

The board moved to find out the true depth measurement of the well, then find the cost for lining the well and discuss the item next month.