stormsMonsoon like conditions, moving up from Arizona and Southern California pummeled most of Lincoln County early Tuesday morning. Beginning Monday evening, the rains, thunder and lightning came heaviest in the early morning
hours as several cells moved through the valley.

A power outage hit the Pahranagat Valley about 3 a.m. due to the storm. Alamo Power crews had power restored to much of the town by about 6 a.m., but it was not until late in the afternoon that power
was restored to all customers around and south of the Alamo Cemetery.

The Community Environment Monitoring Program station in Alamo measured more than half an inch by 5 a.m. In Caliente, the measurement at 9 a.m. was over half and inch. Rachel recorded only 0.18 inches, but Pioche reported 0.42 inches at 9 a.m.

A meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Las Vegas reported, “A system moving up from Southern California kind of bumped into this monsoon moisture and it triggered shower and thunderstorm activity overnight.”

Areas around Alamo that normally have high water after heavy rains did so again, especially at the entrance to the Alamo Clinic off Joshua Tree Street and the area on Airport Road where there is usually a lot of water erosion run off.

However, Panaca Town Board chair-man Gary Elmer said water was running in the Gilpatrick’s property in Panaca, an ongoing problem area.

Elmer talked with County Commis-sioners at the Aug. 18 meeting about what could be further done to help the situation at the Gilpatricks. Commis-sioner Paul Donohue said a countywide flood control survey is to be done by Sunrise Engineering.

He said that the Gilpatrick’s are willing to have a large berm built there and head the water down toward Main Street, but need enginnering to get started. Com-missioners told Elmer to go ahead and get the process started. He said the en-gineering also needs to be coordinated with the School District who have plans on Edwards Street in front of the Matthews Auditorium.

Elmer said he would talk with Sunrise Engineering and tell them the area of im-mediate priority is the one in Panaca.