Alamo and Panaca are both getting new street lights soon, 46 in Alamo, 49 in Panaca.

Doug Miller, general manager of Alamo Power District made the announcement at the regular board meeting Aug. 12 that the new lights are part of a grant obtained by Lincoln County Power District General Manager Dave Luttrell.

Luttrell said he first started talking with the Panaca Town Board in February about better street lights in that community. LCPD provides maintenance for the lights in Panaca.

In looking at the existing maintenance problems, Luttrell said, “that led me to realize that going to an LED light would be an improvement for all the towns in the County, and we could accomplish my goal of reducing maintenance on street lights, but also save the other towns significant dollars as well.”

In reaching out to Alamo Power and the Alamo Town Board, he found that they would be interested in the same thing.

Luttrell said he began contacting various agencies for some grant opportunities, and finally was put in touch with the Nevada Governor’s Office of Energy in Carson City. “We applied and received a grant for $25,000 which was enough to install the lights. Alamo Power would do it in Alamo and LCPD would do it in Panaca.”

He said the grant will not quite cover all the lights in both towns. Alamo has 52 and the grant will allow about 46. Panaca has 56 lights and the grant will cover about 49 lights there.

He said the lights should be arriving and begin being changed out in September. Alamo Town Board member Vern Holaday thought the new lights would save the town of Alamo about $3,000 a year. Luttrell thought that might be a little high, but for the town of Panaca, the savings are calculated to be about $1,200 – $1,500 per year.

The new lights will have a lower maintenance cost, he said. “Right now we have to maintain about 6-8 lights a year, but these new LED lights should be maintenance free for a minimum of 10 years.”