MEADOWPahranagat Valley Pharmacy held their Grand Opening Oct. 17. The drug store opened in June this year, but delayed the Grand Opening until now.

Dr. Adam Katschke, owner of both Meadow Valley and Pahranagat Valley Pharmacy said the Meadow Valley Pharmacy has serviced the people of the county for a long time and felt it was time to put a satellite pharmacy in the Pahranagat Valley. “It’s been two years in the process getting it approved, but once it was we figured the people down here needed a pharmacy. We had to wait for the state to OK a satellite pharmacy, giving us permission and getting all the things in place. We have had great response, too. People are very appreciative that it’s here. They were ready for a pharmacy.

Ticia Prince, a trained pharmacy technician, runs the store. However, Katschke said each of the prescription orders are still checked out by one of the registered pharmacists in Caliente and then filled by Prince in the Alamo store.

The store carries all the prescription products, over the counter supplies, and what might not be in stock can be ordered. “It’s a small front end,” Katschke said, “but we can order things and have it here in a day or two.

The store is open Monday through Friday 9 to 5. The phone number is 775-725-3515.