Marines all over the county are invited to the 239th birthday celebration of the Marine Corps. Nov. 10 is the official birthday for the Marine Corps, and local soldiers will be gathering at the Mount Wilson Ranch Saturday, Nov. 8, at 1700 hours.

“We have dinner and a ceremony,” said Ron Hibble, local marine who served more than 40 years, retiring in 2006. Hibble has been helping celebrate the Corps’ birthday since.

A cake will be presented at the ceremony and marines will pay tribute to the oldest and youngest soldiers present. The two will then have the first pieces of the cake.

Every Marine will celebrate the birthday of the Corps on Nov. 10, and many other local groups across the nation will establish their own schedule for the holiday.

The Marines will march in, and read the original message from MajGen John A. Lejeune, that was presented at the first birthday November 10, 1775 at Tun Tavern. The message is to be read every year at the celebration. Next, a message from the current Commandant of the Marine Corps, Gen. Joseph ‘Fighting Joe’ Dunford, will be read. Dunford, the nations 36th Commandant, was passed the Marine Corps on Oct. 17, replacing Gen. James F. Amos.

Hibble says they like to rotate their dinner location every year. Once it was in Caliente, at Hansen’s Fine Dining. Last year, marines met at Hibble’s house for the dinner and ceremony. Next year, Hibble suggested they may have it in Alamo.

Informal attire is requested, and the entree offered is steak or salmon. Any marines that wish to attend are asked to call Ron Hibble, 775-962-1424, or Herb Kasold, 775-724-3200, to select the entree and make reservation for proper ordering by Nov. 4
The group will spend the evening exchanging sea stories, along with the dinner, official ceremony, and prizes. We give thanks to those who have served our country.