mikeAlamo western author Mike Prince has been honored for a second time with a Will Rogers Medallion Award. His latest book, Flint Pierce, The Adventures of a Young Nevada Cowboy, won the silver medal at the recent awards ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas.

His first book, Toquop, won the Will Rogers Gold Medal in 2008 in the Youth and Young Adult fiction category.

Prince, a retired Pahranagat Valley Middle School teacher, and his wife Jean, attended the awards ceremony in Fort Worth Oct. 25.

“All of the nominees for the various categories were on hand,” Prince said. “It was really a gala evening. They made a big fuss over all the authors, and we all had a great time. It was a full weekend with something always going on. I feel doubly blessed to have been honored twice.”

Flint Pierce is Prince’s second book, but in time takes place before the events in his first book Toquop.

The executive director of the Will Rogers Medallion Committee said his 13-year old grandson really liked the book. “The boy just raved about it, which made me feel good because that was the target audience we aimed the book for,” said Prince, “early teens to young adults.”

Illustrations inside the book were done by Alamo artist Heidi Leavitt.

Prince said a third installment in the Flint Pierce series is in the works. He is currently working on chapter two with an undetermined publish date.

Prince said his fictional character Flint Pierce, “is a composite of a lot of cowboys I have known over the years, and you’ll find some parts of me in there, too. The experiences and feelings I have had, I can write them into Flint Pierce.”

The next book about Pierce is set in western Arizona instead of Nevada and deals with his experiences as an adult. The characters even meet meeting up with an old gunfighter from the old West, which Prince says was a real person he once met as a young boy.
Both of the books are available online at Amazon.com, or at the Prince home in Alamo.