lcr 11-14-14Alamo’s high school rodeo club held its annual rodeo, Oct. 31-Nov. 2 at the rodeo arena, the last of the statewide series before a winter break. Competitions will resume in the spring.

All Around Saddle winners at Alamo in the high school division were Dally Goemmer of Battle Mountain and Cord Hendrix of Fallon. Winners in the Middle School division were Riata Goemmer of Battle Mountain and T.J. Greiner of Fallon.

Contestants representing the Alamo Club were Broc Lindburg of Las Vegas, 3rd in team roping with Chance Lucchesi of Panaca on Saturday with a time of 21.65. On Sunday, Lindburg roped with Casey Thomas and placed second in a time of 10.41. He also was 13th in calf roping in 29.33.

Lacey Steele of Alamo was first in team roping with partner Daniel Eary in 10.61; first place on Saturday in girls cutting with a score of 71.5; and 6th place on Sunday with a score of 64.

Steele was 6th on Saturday in reining cow horse and 10th place on Sunday. In breakaway she finished in 12th place in a time of 19.40 with two loops, and in goat tying, she was 9th on Saturday in 10.99 and 11th on Sunday in 12.95.

Tyler Bundy in the Middle School division, was first in bareback steering riding on Saturday with a 64, first in chute dogging in 14.83, 8th in ribbon roping in 29.95 with partner Shay Zeman. Bundy was first in saddle bronc riding on Sunday with a score of 60 and 4th in ribbon roping on Sunday in 20.85.

Broc Lindburg, Lacey Steele and Tyler Bundy of the Alamo Rodeo Club thank all of the people who stepped up to help put on the rodeo. “Without them it wouldn’t be possible to do this rodeo,” they said. A very special thanks to the sponsors and hay donors for the animals needs. Saddle and buckle awards came from their donations as well.