Dear Editor,

Greetings. I did not stay in Florida as long as I expected due to the Commissioner’s agenda item for Monday’s meeting pertaining to the structuring of a resolution regarding the “Area Money.” Once again, the Commission is perpetuating their penchant for not clearly defining their agenda items. A person who didn’t know better would not know this item had to do with their plans for taking the possessory use taxes from the Air Force out of the general fund to do with as they please.

The meeting Monday was long and drawn out. When item No. 22 came up shortly before lunch, the Board advised this item had been placed on the agenda by Paul Matthews and he had not yet arrived for the meeting. For that reason, the Board decided they would hear this item at 1 p.m. When the Board returned from their jail inspection, Paul Matthews had still not arrived, so the Board moved on to the GID agenda for Coyote Springs. After that, they moved on to the Water District Agenda and were working on that when Mr. Matthews arrived at about 2:20 p.m. Unfortunately, I had other business to attend to so I was unable to stay for this agenda item. I will be surprised if they took any action on this item since no draft was provided as back-up and the Board reported they didn’t have this document either – none was made available for the public’s review.

The Board is scheduled to hear my agenda item asking for the termination of Ashley Hall’s contract on Nov. 17 at 1 p.m. At that time, I am to face his attorney(s) relating to this matter. I’m still in the dark as to why I must interact with Hall’s legal counsel when I simply wanted to address the Board as to their continued support of this contract in direct opposition to the best interests of the people of Lincoln County.

In closing, I would like to publicly thank Ed Wright for arranging the delivery of a partial cord of wood to my house this week and also to thank the anonymous person or persons who delivered wood to my home while I was in Florida.

Your generosity and effort are greatly appreciated.

With the holidays coming, I want to share my recipe for sweet hot mustard. This is excellent on leftover turkey (or ham) sandwiches. Mix equal parts of dry mustard, sugar, flour and white vinegar; blend and refrigerate. The longer it sits, the hotter it gets. ENJOY.


Carol White, Pioche