Lincoln County has been declared the healthiest county in the state by Jo Malay, Director of Nursing for the Division of Behavioral Health in Carson City.

She made the statement in a presentation on community health services that are provided by County assessments, during the regular County Commission meeting Nov. 17.

County Health Nurse Nicole Rowe said she was very happy to know where Lincoln County rates. “Pleased to know we are doing so well, because we have limited health care services in the county.”

Dr. Jon Kirwin, program director for Community Health Nursing, and Joe Pollack, director of Community Health Services, also attended the presentation along with Rowe.

The County Health office has recently moved into new facilities at the remodeled Town Center in Panaca. The phone number is 775-962-8086.

Malay noted that Lincoln County offers services for Children’s Health, Men’s and Women’s Health, and Preventative Health.
She noted 576 children were provided services in the County in the past year. 156 Adult Wellness Services were provided, along with 402 school services, 12 for Tuberculosis, 14 for STD/HIV testing, and 114 for Points of Dispensing, dealing with disaster preparedness, and a total of 1,271 patients served by the Community Health program in the County.

Malay said the most common communicable or infectious disease found in Lincoln County is Hepatitis C, but there are only five listed cases.

Lincoln ranks first among the states 17 counties for health outcome when looking at figures dealing with length of life and quality of life factors, which she said also involves diet and exercise, and alcohol and drug use. In socio-economic factors, Lincoln County ranks #8.

Of course, the county’s population is only 5,345 according to the 2010 U.S. Census (5,245 2013 estimate).

Pollack said his office is responsible for inspections of food establishment, temporary food establishments, residential septic systems, septic tank pumpers, public bathing places, recreational vehicle parks, and mass gatherings. They also do twice yearly inspections of schools and school kitchens, plus inspections for institutions and jails, conservation camps and labor camps, oversee drugs and cosmetics in the state, and drug related truck wrecks.

He said the annual assessment and fee structure for the County, approved by the state legislature, is $16,241.79, with ranks fourth in the state. Esmeralda County is the lowest at $4,260.14, and Elko County is highest at $131,798.14.

Pollack said there were 58 critical violations found in Lincoln County food establishments last year, but all have since been corrected, and there were no food born illnesses reported.