4There was a time in Pioche when Fitzhugh Street was used by residents, going up and down between Meadow Valley Street and Cotton Avenue. It wintertime, young kids would often go down on their sleds, drag them back up to the top, and do it again.

But for many years, Fitzhugh Street has not even looked like a street, covered over with dirt, grass and weeds, and a building or two in the middle or off to the side. One has to use your imagination now to even visualize it once being a street where buggies, horses, wagons, cars, or kids on bikes ever ventured.

County Planning Director Cory Lytle said it was plotted as part of the town in the 1870s. ?Now,? he told County Commissioners Nov. 17, ?what we have is a shift of assumed occupancy and ownership upon that line.?

He said there were three different owners involved, and after getting them all together in multiple meetings, it was agreed the Town of Pioche would abandon the street and the owners can do what they want on the property.

Commissioners approved the request for abandonment and Lytle said District Attorney Daniel Hooge will deed over the applicable Fitzhugh Street properties to the rightful owners.

An old rundown, unlivable shack has sat on the property for many years, and one of the owners wants to tear it down and put up a nice building. An owner on the other side also wants to do some improvements. Lytle said, ?The way it is now, Fitzhugh Street encumbers any development whatsoever, so we want to improve the lots and the owners want to get something out of the property.?