3Winners of the contests from both Pahranagat Valley Middle School and High School in the Rock Art Restoration sponsored by the husband and wife archeology team of Jim Bunch and Patti DeBunch gave their presentations Dec. 1 at the County Commission meeting.

The top eight winners were Emily Baine, Morgan Harris, Mateo Linares, Jesica Basopoli, Caylah Ebneter, Brooke Higbee, Maggie Rassmusen, Alejandra Linares. These students had their choice of a new laptop computer or a $200 gift card from Amazon.

The remaining 22 students who participated in the contest, each earning a $100 gift card from Amazon are: Ana Aguilera, Jacey Canfield, Hannah Castleton, Alyson Egbert, Braken Haworth, Oscar Heredia, Kaitlin Higbee, Shayla Leavitt, Janel Meldrum, Geoffrey Mortensen, Jonathon Poyson, Laetitia Ray, Jacob Roemer, Connor, Ruiz, Maggie Schofield, Thayne Solorio, Cody Stirling, Heidi Thatcher, Meladie Vande Sluis, Shawn Wadsworth, Cody Williams and Ben Zanoth.

Other students who participated in the program, but perhaps not the contest, were each given a special commemorative T-shirt.
The entire project was part of the program under a grant from the BLM.

The students helped in mid-September with some of the rock art restoration work the couple are doing near Box Canyon in the Pahranagat Valley, through the Bunch’s own Research Associates organization, and a grant from the Bureau of Land management.

Those who participated at the rock art site were asked to do an essay of what they observed the days they visited the restoration site, or design a poster incorporating the damage to the site that had been done and a message to minimize similar vandalism activities in the future, or create a multi-media presentation.

At the Commission meeting, Emily Baine’s essay of “Would You Paint Over the Mona Lisa?” was of particular interest to all in attendance.