Caliente Food Drop

I have heard so much criticism about the Food Drops in Caliente, I had to write about the positive part of the Drops.
We need to understand that these Food Drops are a GIFT not a Right.

I have sat in my vehicle waiting for the Drop to to start like so many. I have talked to others in line after the drop and complained, along with them, that some people got this and others did not. Why did some people get more and others less.

The food donated is sometimes a lot of “this” and a “little” of that. The people running this do not know what they are getting or how much until the truck arrives.

Sometimes, with the donations, to be fair to everyone, they have to be mixed because they get all kinds of different items and do not have enough to give everyone the same thing. (Such as when you receive dry goods in a bag and another person receives something different in theirs.)

Many of us are allowed to deliver the Drop to others that for whatever reason would not get it unless we did. So when you see all of the vehicles lined up, you do not know if they are picking up for themselves or for others too. Let alone how many they are picking up for. I for one pick up for four other families and myself .

So with this in mind the food can be depleted pretty fast sometimes. I’ve been late for the Drop and at the end gotten only around 6-7 items. I have been humbled, my choice, now that I understand all of this.

So I hope that if you understand what is involved you will be grateful for anything that we get from the Drop. There is no control over what or how much will be donated but if Three Squares did not donate we would not have these Drops and not receive this Gift.

Thank you Four Squares and everyone involved in the Drops.


Maleen Millmine, Pioche