5Pahranagat Valley Volunteer Fire, Ambulance and EMS unveiled their new ambulance at the end of October.

Ambulance Coordinator Ryan Rhodes said all the Pahranagat Valley EMT’s wanted to thank all those helped. Lincoln County Emergency Management Director Rick Stever was able to get contributions from Lincoln, Clark, Nye and Elko County to buy a new ambulance chassis.

Rhodes said the engine had blown in one of the two Pahranagat Valley ambulances several months ago, and “we opted to buy a new chassis and have Fire Trucks Unlimited in Las Vegas take the box from the old one and put it on this new 2015 chassis. So basically Pahranagat Valley got this new ambulance free and clear, we owe nothing on it.”

Rhodes said the new ambulance doesn’t have any more features, because it is just the fully equipped existing box on a new chassis.

Stever said the Department of Energy gives money to the Nevada statewide Emergency Preparedness Working Group for low-level waste going into the Nevada Test Site, which is in turn apportioned out to the counties.

He said when he explained to the Working Group at a recent quarterly meeting what the need was in Pahranagat Valley, Lincoln, Clark, Nye and West Wendover, representing Elko County were also willing to help with purchasing the new chassis and install the existing box. Cost was about $62,000, Stever said.