Lincoln County will have a new County Commission chair when the first meeting of 2015 takes place.

Ed Higbee’s two-year term expired as of Dec. 15, 2014. The new chairman of the five member board will be selected at the Jan. 5 meeting

Commissioners Adam Katschke, Kevin Phillips or Paul Donohue are the likely choices. Commissioner Paul Mathews served as chairman from 2008-2010, and could be selected again, but may not want to.

Higbee said during his term as chairman he thought one of the biggest accomplishments was obtaining the money from the Air Force at Area 51, although how the money is to be distributed is still being decided by the state Department of Taxation.

He thought there was pretty good county unity during his term, “in the way that we dealt with one another. No big blowups. I think the Commission Board itself worked well together and got along quite well with most of the County employees. I think we negotiated with our employees in good faith.”

The question on Recology and the solid waste disposal company is still on going. “I wish we could have fixed, but it is being worked on.”

In dealing with the Teamsters Union, who represent a number of County employees, was a bit of struggle at times, Higbee said, “but I think it is going along quite well.”

Although he did admit since Lincoln County is just a small part of the Teamsters, “we sometimes had a hard time getting them to come and meet with us. We’re just a small little cog in the wheel. But in face-to-face talks, it went quite well. They understood our tough financial situation.”

Something Higbee felt he did not do as well has he had hoped was to control the meetings to where they didn’t go on so long. I wish I had been more knowledgeable of Parliamentary Procedures and Robert’s Rules of Order, to be able to move a meeting along a little better. “I wish we’d had more solutions and a little less talk.”