Dear Editor,


Ted’s beloved dog, Bear, has found his “forever home” with Chris and Teresa Carroll of Eagle Valley (and Henderson). Besides Chris and Teresa, Bear has a new brother, Max, a nine-year-old Lab, and a 10-year-old little girl, Reagan, to give him all the love he needs. According to Teresa, Bear couldn’t be happier. He has been groomed and checked out by the vet. He’s also been “fixed” which kind of threw him a curve, but Teresa said he’s coming through that with flying colors. Teresa told me Bear looks and acts like a puppy, rolling around on the floor on his back and that she’s sure there’s a huge smile on Bear’s face. Bear has a new doggy bed all to himself. Bear has taken to his new home like it was truly meant to be his “forever home.”

We just wanted all the wonderful people of Pioche to know that Bear is happy and will be that way until it’s time for him to go to the Rainbow Bridge. Thanks to the Carroll family for giving Bear the love he so deserves!


Janet Alexander and Michael Young

Dear Editor,

To Dan and Judy Steward: Thank you so much for making the holidays so special with your wonderful lights and Christmas music. I think your display put the whole town in a festive mood!

Thank you,

Candice Mortenson

Dear Editor,

Guess you all know the Board of Commissioners is going to get a new chairperson at their Jan. 5 meeting, as was disclosed in the Record’s banner story on Dec. 26. During that interview, Chairman Ed Higbee stated “one of the biggest accomplishments was obtaining the money from the Air Force at Area 51., although how the money is to be distributed is still being decide by the State Department of Taxation.”

What he didn’t mention is that the Tax Commission is awaiting the findings of the Attorney General’s investigation of he Board’s acts and actions relating to Ashley Hall’s contract, the amendment of same and the resolutions and lawsuits arising therefrom. Not to mention other agencies and entities investigations of the Board, including possible criminal charges.

The agenda for the Board’s Jan. 5 meeting just posted and there is an item relating to the “acceptance of the resignation of County Commissioner Ed Higbee.”

I wonder what are the chances of Ed’s cousin, Vaughn Higbee, being named as his replacement? Could this be the first visible sign of the payoffs anticipated as the result of Vaughn’s introducing Ashley Hall to the Board? Since the alliance kept all their meetings secret, we may not know who all is benefiting from these scandalous acts until other entities’ forensic documents and forensic accountants issue their findings.


Carol White