Dear Editor,

For months now we have read and re-read Carol White’s negativity. No disrespect, but I do not understand why she lives here in the county or why she hasn’t moved? Frankly, every letter you have printed of hers is how she disapproves and rejects our county Commissioners and what they do. I personally thank them and those who serve us. I appreciate them in trying to better our county. We elected them and I wish we would join together in trying to accomplish our goals.

My family has lived in Lincoln County for five generations and I am proud to be from here and I choose to live here amongst great people. I never have met Carol myself, but I am the daughter of “Ogre 1” as she refers. I take offense because that means that I myself must be an Ogre.

I do not understand everything, on this so called “Area 51 Scandal” (nor do any of us who aren’t directly involved) but I do know the men involved on our end. They are honorable men and I support them. They are only trying to get the county the money which is rightfully and legally ours.

Good luck to 2015 and Kevin Phillips as the new Chair. May it be the Best year yet!

Milinda Walch


Dear Editor,

Wow! Enough is enough. Since when did the Lincoln County Record hire this Carol White lady to beat up on Kevin Phillips? Yes, I work for the man. An in 15 years, I have found him to be a good and honest public servant. Kevin Phillips has fought for Lincoln County following the rules. He is a student of our constitution and the rule of the law.

I have never seen Carol White’s name on a ballot. She is good at the poison pen, but she is short on public service. Let’s think about this. We had received almost nothing from the federal government for the test site. Now, we have several million. For the past few years, I have watched Mr. Phillips struggle with the county budget. Balancing it is the law. Unlike Washington, we can’t write rubber checks. We elect the commissioners to be our voice. Yet we also want their wisdom. Kevin Phillips does his homework. Ask him a question on any issue and he will gladly give you his insight on why he voted the way he did. I guarantee it’s well thought out and it makes good sense.

Over and over this White lady has used her poison pen, saying what I feel are some pretty libelous things. It’s like the Record has given her an editorial job. Are her feelings that of the Record? Kevin Phillips has too much class to sink to this woman’s level. It has rubbed off on me. I won’t call her the no-couth, mean-spirited, horse’s back-side I think she is. I won’t do it. Oh heck, I just did.


Rhett Butler