3So far, this winter is shaping up to be the mildest Lincoln County has seen in a long time; “seen” being the key word here. We expect to see things like snow, ice, and the occasional scowl one gets when they’re grateful to be back in their warm home, but realize they forgot to grab the one thing they needed at the store. With the exception of a couple snow dustings, the county hasn’t seen any of the familiar signs it’s used to; instead, we’ve seen almost a week straight of above-average degree weather, shorts, t-shirts, and a few confused bees.

Snow fell Monday evening for a brief period in the northern part of the county in Pioche’s higher elevations. Panaca residents saw a dreary day of rain Tuesday. Caliente residents said it was just plain cold. Next week looks to be in the fifties again.

Unfortunately, as a result of this mild winter, we won’t be seeing the annual Ice Hole Invitational and recently added Frisbee Golf Tournament out at Eagle Valley Reservoir. Right now, the current thickness of the ice is between four to six inches. Reported average of thickness this time of year is 9 to 10 inches). Ben Johnson, Spring Valley State Park supervisor, said, “The conditions at the lake have forced us to cancel this year’s event unfortunately. It is still safe to go ice fishing, however it’s just not ideal for ice golf at this time.”

Last year, the reservoir had 11 inches of ice for fishermen and golfers.

Johnson also noted that, if the conditions improve, he will consider hosting the event later this winter.