At their monthly meeting on Jan. 13, the Pioche Chamber of Commerce voted to put out to Lincoln County residents a request for assistance in putting on the annual Pioche Labor Day celebration that has been held for the past 109 years. In the “old days” the celebration was a rowdy affair with ladies mud wrestling and the Hell’s Angels coming to have fun on that holiday weekend. For the past 25 years, the weekend has calmed down so that now the 10-team softball tournament that is held on that weekend is the basic draw for people to come to Pioche. Vendors were invited so the visitors would have a place to eat; children’s entertainment and events on the weekend and the children’s “fun day” at the park on Monday. A light parade Saturday night was reintroduced, along with the traditional Monday morning parade.

Putting on the Labor Day celebration requires a lot of organizational work and also a number of people are needed to handle each of the events: the pet show, chicken chucking contest, classic car display, all of the mining events for adults and children, the lawn mower races, golf tournaments, turkey shoots, bike races, foot races, children’s fishing contest at Eagle Valley, Bingo on Friday night, 6 a.m. Labor Day dynamite “wake up call,” etc. For several years the Berean Baptist Church has put on a Saturday Dinner in the Park and the Pioche Firemen have moved their annual Dinner in the Park to the new Fire Hall. Breakfast is provided in the park by the ladies of the Eastern Star on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. The bars in town have bands for everyone’s entertainment. There are several entities that put on events for the public as fund raisers for their organizations. With the restoration of the Thompson Opera House, which the Chamber of Commerce operates, live entertainment is now available on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Due to the lack of volunteers and interested parties, the Labor Day Committee is dwindling and now questioning their ability to provide a grand celebration to residents and visitors. At their meeting on Jan. 13, the members of the Pioche Chamber of Commerce voted to immediately start a search for a dedicated individual or organization to act as Chairman of the Labor Day Committee in a volunteer position to carry on with this traditional event. If there is someone, or an organization within the County who has an interest in taking on this responsibility, they welcome you to send a letter of interest to the Pioche Chamber of Commerce, P. O. Box 127, Pioche, NV 89043 or contact President Candice Mortenson directly 775-962-5895 or 775-962-5485 by Jan. 31. The members also sadly voted to discontinue the Pioche Labor Day Celebration in the event no individual or entity steps up to assume this position.