Dear editor,

I am writing in reference to the letters concerning Carol White in last week’s [Lincoln County] Record.
As citizens of this great nation we are given the right of Freedom of Speech.

As one who has written letters to the editor, I commend Melinda Walch, Rhett Butler, Carol White and all others who have taken the time to write Letters to the Editor. I am proud to say that I can call Ms. White a friend. I have known her for years and one of the things that I admire about her is her knowledge of the ways of our Government. I have not always agreed with her opinions but that is my right, as it is everyone else’s.

That right, along with being able to express it, is one that makes our Country so great.

This self expression gives us the right to call someone a horse’s back side and to ask someone why they live where they do and why they don’t leave. It also gives Ms. White her right to express her opinion.

As I understand publications, the “Letters to the Editor” are forwarded to Mr. Kirk Kern, who as Chief Operating Officer, has the say on which letters will be printed in the Record. The information of the Record’s staff is printed in every issue of the Record. For myself, having the privilege to of had my letters printed, be they agreeable or not to others, I thank you Mr. Kern. I thank all who have exercised the right to Freedom of Speech.


Maleen Millmine, Pioche

Dear Editor,

I was disappointed in the way the recent article on Narconon was twisted. The headline seemed to be written to sensationalize an old problem that was NOT really an issue. The purpose of the get-together was for private citizens to meet and learn more about Narconon, their program and their relationship to the community. If you compare results, you will find their concept has a very high, unheard of, 74-percent success rate.

The article itself was fairly accurate. The fact that the author woke me up to discuss the meeting… I’m surprised it even makes sense. I can’t emphasize enough what a good group of young adults we have had the pleasure to meet. Anything we can do so support them on their journey of recovery, such as accepting their offer to help, should not be taken lightly. God blesses us all with specific talents… sometimes it is merely the act of being supportive.


Marcia Hurd, Caliente

Dear Editor,

Well, well! I sure wish that Carol White’s poison pen would hurry and run out of ink. I have never heard of Carol White going before Congress in Washington, and fight for all of the people of Lincoln County.

Kevin Phillips did and he has fought many times for us and won.

Carol needs to know what the truth really is before she starts using her poison pen. I am elated that Kevin Phillips is the Chairman of the Lincoln County Commissioners; I am sure with the help of the other great people helping him I think we will see some good changes in the very near future.

I think Kevin Phillips is a great man and a great leader, we have known him for 20 years. I think Carol White is jealous because she doesn’t have the knowledge that Mr. Phillips has.

Thank goodness she is not the chairperson of the Lincoln County Commissioners. Keep up the good work Mr. Phillips!

As for Carol White, as far as I’m concerned, you can leave Lincoln County any time.


Sara Elmore, Caliente

Dear Editor,

I don’t believe too many people will be surprised to learn the Board of Commissioners did not act within the law with regards to the Ashley Hall/Area 51 scandal, violating various and sundry laws in their quest to appease Ashley Hall.

For instance, not many know that the [former] Assessor, Melanie McBride, was asked to sign the Air Force agreement “negotiated” by Ashley Hall and the “secret committee” after the secret negotiations were complete. Foreseeing problems regarding the legality of the process, she asked the opinion of the State Tax Commission, who advised her the County did not, in fact, have the legal authority to “negotiate” values with the Air Force. When she was told (by the District Attorney) the Air Force would not accept the contract without the Assessor’s signature and that her failure to sign would result in the loss of these possessory use taxes, she chose to seek “private” counsel. As the result, she asked the District Attorney for his “written opinion” as to her performing illegal acts in signing the agreement. Mr. Hooge provided her a written opinion that she would not be prosecuted for said violations of state law. At that time, Mr. Hooge advised the Assessor her changes to bring the document into conformance with the law would not be made and when presented with the document for signature, only the signature page was provided. It is my understanding the Assessor was not allowed to review the final contract at the time of signing. Where I come from, this is known as coercion. Is that legal?

As this scandal continues to plague the people of Lincoln County, I strongly urge the Commissioners who were not directly involved in the “secret” aspects of this process to contact the State Department of Taxation and ask for a complete copy of the exhibits relating to their investigation so they will have full knowledge of all issues of this conspiracy against them and the people of Lincoln County.


Carol White, Pioche

Dear Editor,

Due to the death of the owner last year, NBC was sold to another broadcaster. This broadcaster used a different frequency for NBC that changed on Jan. 1. To better understand our problem, each channel has its own frequency and a specific antenna is required and needs to be programed for that frequency. To correct the problem, we had to order a new antenna with proper programming. The new antenna has been received and installed. NBC is currently being broadcast on channel 3.1. You may need to do a rescan on your television or on the digital set top box in order to receive this channel. We hope this will help the VERY vocal anonymous caller understand the situation better. Our office hours are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Wednesdays only. Please do not hesitate to call the office or one of our board members. We apologize for any inconvenience as the situation was beyond our control and has now been corrected.

Frances Harrington

Board chairman

Lincoln County TV District

Dear Editor,

For the past seven years the Meadow Valley Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation (MDF) has held its annual conservation banquet here in Lincoln County. Through the years, and with the support of dedicated sportsmen and women, the chapter has grown, and volunteer efforts to assist with the conservation of mule deer and other wildlife in the County have also increased. The Meadow Valley Chapter has utilized funding from its annual banquets for beneficial projects such as guzzler (water development) construction and repair, seed for habitat rehabilitation, and other worthwhile items.

There are however, some challenges with being a part of such a large organization like MDF. One of those challenges is the ability to retain funding made from a local chapter banquet for local projects. As with most large non-profit conservation organizations, such as MDF, they rely on a good percentage of funds made at local chapter banquets to cover overhead costs and help assist with other conservation efforts at both a state and national level. Chapters, such as Meadow Valley, are given their own “rewards” based upon net profits made at local fundraisers. Those “rewards” are primarily what fund the local projects.

In an effort to put more funding to work for wildlife and habitat in Lincoln County and Nevada, the Meadow Valley Chapter has decided it is in our best interest to respectfully walk away from the Mule Deer Foundation. The time has now come for Meadow Valley Wildlife Unlimited (MVWU); formerly known as the Meadow Valley Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation.

MVWU would also like to express our sincere appreciation to the Mule Deer Foundation for all it has done for wildlife and habitat in Lincoln County. We also strongly encourage continued membership of organizations like MDF to help support efforts of wildlife and habitat conservation and our outdoor heritage.

And so, it is time to “turn the page.” MVWU will hold its annual wildlife conservation banquet this year at the Caliente Fire Station. Mark your calendar for Saturday, March 28. It’s coming.

Submitted by Cory Lytle