The first meeting of the year by the Lincoln County Water Board saw Paul Mathews retained as board chairman and Dr. Adam Katschke to serve as vice-chair. Kevin Phillips will act as secretary.
General Manager Wade Poulsen reported on how the discussions with the Virgin Valley Water District in Mesquite have been going as of the end of 2014.

Not as well as he would like, he told the Board. VVWD recently changed their areas of representation, with two members from Bunkerville and three from the City of Mesquite, as well as having some new people on the board. “A new makeup creates some new politics,” he said.

Poulsen noted the discussions there have “kind of broken down.” He said LCWD made a decision some time ago to split $40,000 with themselves and the developers in the Toquop area. “But the developers have not moved forward with providing any of that money to do the Nickel Creek. They want the Water District to pay for it all, and my understanding is that we do not want to pay for it all. If we were to invest all of it ourselves in the water study at Nickel Creek on behalf of VVWD, I don’t think we would gain our $40,000 out of it without the developer’s support. And in doing that, our talks have kind of broken down.”

Poulsen said he still does talk with VVWD, “but I think for formal negotiations it isn’t happening at this point.”

He said at least one of the VVWD board members, “has voiced his opinion that he does not think that the City of Mesquite or the water district should be supplying water to Lincoln County.”

Poulsen told the Lincoln County board there are some other avenues he could pursue at Toquop that will not include VVWD, but did not elaborate on what those might be. “As I get further into it, I’ll come back to this board for decision making and direction,” he said.

In the meantime, progress continues on making modifications and improvements to the new offices for the Water District ready at the Panaca Town Center.