Dear editor,

I wanted to explain why I asked for the County commissioners meeting on Feb second to please put the agenda item, possibly canceling Labor Day, on the agenda for their next meeting.

While attending the past meeting I listened to Mrs. Mortenson explain why the subject was put on the agenda.I became aware of how involved and daunting the task of running Labor Day is.

Before the Commissioners adjourned I had talked to other residents concerning this and the majority,including myself, felt that we needed to address this item again and to ask for it to be put on the agenda for the next County Commissioners meeting.

I would also like to state that for myself I am guilty of not thinking about the County events, what it entails, nor how much work has to be done to run such events. I also do not always read the paper nor the want ads ( I am disabled so for me I see no positive results for me in doing so ) I take it for granted that the events will just keep going on each year. The guilt is all mine, one that I am going to try to remedy. Even though I do not leave my house often I do try to go at least one day during the celebration to enjoy checking out all the vendor’s wares, seeing the kids games and such. As one that has family come up for labor Day I enjoy their enjoyment more than I do my own.

My hope is that more residents will attend the next meeting and help us all try to come up with ideas to keep this event go on for many more years.

On a different subject that was brought up at the County Commissioners meeting, some Commissioners stated that they still get complaints about the FREE food drop that is held in Caliente. Having been one in line and now as a volunteer I explained to them as well as I could what all is involved in making the drop possible. I had written a letter to the editor explaining this also.

On every flyer that is posted for the Free food drop it is stated that it is “First come , First serve” also “ until the food runs out”. I do not want to offend anyone but as a citizen that has sat in my car even for 4 hours to be one of the First comes, first served, I am grateful for this donation that we are given. I know that this free donation is just that, a donation. I do not see it as something to subsidize my own food that I have to purchase. And for the people that I also deliver this donation to have always felt the same as I have. We are all grateful for what we receive. I have been at the end of this drop and have received only 4 to 5 items . Yes, I am still grateful for even this.

A note to all, the people that run this program do have a Food Bank to help people also, just inquire about this the next time you go to this drop.

Thank you,

Maleen Millmine