Commissioner Paul Mathews reported at the commission meeting Feb. 17 when the drain cleaning project was started recently in the Pahranagat Valley, former Commissioner Ed Higbee signed up to be on the GSA website as being able to sign up, search and acquire General Services Administration surplus equipment from the federal government.

Since Higbee resigned from the Board, there is no one at present who can serve in that capacity.

Mathews said with all government programs how you sign up and how you classify the equipment, and how it is to be used, is important. His thought was to have one person designated from the County Road department, chairman of the County Commission, and Rick Stever from the County Emergency Management office and Lincoln County Fire District.

Stever said three people are allowed to sign up. “The government would like one spokesperson for the whole county, but a committee could be formed of the agencies mentioned as to what equipment they might like to acquire, then one person can serve as the contact, to oversee everything and be knowledgeable to find out where the equipment can be located.

Mathews said, “If we acquire a piece of equipment, it needs to have a home, a tag, and a caretaker.”

He also said, “If this equipment is in the name of Lincoln County general, then there would be a lot more uses the equipment could have. If the equipment were specific to a given department, that’s the only ones who could use it.”

Mathews recommended the Commissioner chair, in their term, serve as point along with Road Department Supervisor Shane Cheeney and Emergency Management Director Rick Stever, “might all sign up so they can at least have clearance to look for equipment or know what was available.

Commissioner Kevin Phillips recommended forming a committee of each of the representatives of that respective department and also included Soil Conservation. The committee would meet quarterly to keep up to date on what equipment might be available. “And within that board,” Phillips said, “assign three people to make formal, legitimate access of the GSA program.”

Mathews thought the idea of having representatives of the various departments was a good one, because they could better identify the need of a given department.

More details would still need to be worked out, and commissioners moved to form an initial committee of Phillips, Stever and Cheeney to do a preliminary recommendation study and report back to the Commission board.