2Southern Nevada Off-road Race Enthusiasts, better known as SNORE, has requested County Commissioners approve the dates of May 29-30 for the Caliente 250 off road race.

However, at the Commission meeting Feb. 17, the agenda item was tabled. County Planning and Building Director Cory Lytle explained the reason. “Especially with truck and buggy races when they encroach upon the power district easements, the power district likes to have a separate agreement entered into. SNORE had not had a chance to get those agreements worked out in this case, and we just wanted to make sure they were engaged with the power district before we approved it.”

If approved, the Caliente 250 will take place primarily east and southeast of Caliente as well as within the city limits.

In a related issue, in four places on the Clover Creek road, the proposed race route is to go under Union Pacific Railroad crossings at English Canyon, Ash Canyon, Barnes Canyon, and Dutch Flat.

At the Commission meeting, race coordinator Regen Gubler asked the Board to designate these areas as “public crossings.” This would open existing SR-2477 roads to allow organized and permitted events to take place in areas where access is no longer available due to UPRR policy.

Commission chair Kevin Phillips said racers are not allowed to go under the crossings because UPRR takes exception, but they are on existing roads/trails under SR-2477 laws.

“We can’t race underneath these things,” Gubler said, “and this has made it more of a safety issue because now the only way to cross is over the railroad at public right of way crossings, rather than eliminate the safety issue and go underneath.”

Gubler said SNORE had not yet talked with Bob Maxwell of the UPRR Caliente office.

Mike Herder, new BLM Ely Field Office Director, said he thought designating these areas as public crossings “would benefit the public.”

District Attorney Daniel Hooge said it was a matter of history, as to “whether these roads or trails were existing before the railroad right of way or not.”

Philips suggested he and Gubler talk with Maxwell first, and report back soon to the Commission board what agreement, if any, can be reached on the issue.