Illness to a couple of the actors with the Missoula Children’s Theatre caused the play in Panaca last week to be cancelled and rescheduled for May.

A production of the “The Jungle Book,” complete with costumes, scenery, props, and makeup had been set for Feb. 20-21 at the Neldon Mathews Center in Panaca.

However, Panaca Elementary School Principal Pete Peterson said the night of the performance one of the adult actors had been “sick in bed all week and another got sick on Friday, the day of the show. The first actress did come in, but still looked pale and weak, and we didn’t think it was a good idea for her to try to be on stage and the other actress did not look very good either.”

Peterson said he called the corporate office in Missoula, Mo., and they affirmed the decision and said they would reschedule for May 4-9.

Peterson said he is amazed by the work the Children’s Theatre can do. “They put on a 90-minute musical production and can get it all ready with local people in just a week.”

The Missoula Children’s Theater is sponsored by a generous grant from the Nevada Arts Council with support from the Lincoln County School District and Panaca Elementary.