Communities from around Lincoln County presented a list of prioritized road projects for consideration by the County Road Department this spring.

The lists were submitted at the Board of Highway Commissioners meeting Feb. 17.

The Town Board of Pioche asked that streets in Pioche be examined and any necessary repairs including potholes be scheduled and completed, also curb, gutter and paving be installed on Silver Street, 4th Street, and on Gold and 3rd Street to Highland Street.

The Town of Alamo submitted a request for chip and seal from the Transfer Station to the Steve Meldrum property. They also requested a chip and seal on Ranch Road per a request from Delores Flukinger, waterline patches in various places around town, and repair or replace signs around town.
A longer list of projects was submitted by the Town of Panaca:

• Flood control on Edwards Street from the fire station to 2nd Street, and several other nearby locations on Callaway Street, 2nd and 3rd Street, and north of Main Street.

• Install concrete valleys on Hansen Street from 6th to 2nd to improve drainage, and on Phillips Street from 6th to 3rd.

• Curb and gutter from Hansen Street to Main Street to prevent floodwater from entering the trailer park.

• Flood control improvements on Ernest Street from 7th to 2nd Street.

• Widen and pave street to standard road width on 6th Street from Main to Phillips Street.

• Widen and pave street to standard road width on 5th Street from Main to Heaps Street.

County Road Supervisor Shane Cheeney presented figures to the Highway Board showing that in 21014, the Road Department spent $272,215.43 in repairs and improvements work.