4Bruce E. Mills was born March 1, 1945, in Velva, N.D. Bruce’s mother was Dorothy Mills, which Bruce spoke of often and loved very much.

Bruce had a full life adventure, exploring different things and having many different jobs. He wasn’t afraid to explore and try to find something he enjoyed doing. As a young boy, he was very interested in bowling and playing pool. His first job as a young teenager was in a bowling alley, where he worked for several years. He of course became quite a good bowler and had dreams of becoming a professional bowler. He moved a lot as a child and later as an adult. He worked as a lineman in Texas for a while and then other jobs and came to Las Vegas and became a maintenance foreman at Sam’s Town. He had a business on the side shampooing carpets and floor care.

Bruce came to Caliente in the late 80s. He already knew quite a few people here from Henderson and Las Vegas areas. He soon decided Caliente was a good place to retire and make his permanent home. He soon got a job at the Shamrock in Caliente and worked there until his full retirement.

Bruce enjoyed people. He loved to socialize and be part of the conversation. He was outgoing and enjoyed fishing and traveling. He went on many fishing weekends with his friends. He also loved camping and getting out with friends for a while and just visiting. He had a passion for playing pool and Bruce was there, willing to play. He loved to teach people how to improve their game also.

Bruce came into many peoples’ lives. He was a good listener and did not judge you. He cared about what you were doing and kept in touch. Bruce overcame many challenges in his life, a rough childhood, not being able to read very well and many health issues later in life. And yet he was able to go through life with a good attitude and was able to connect with people. He didn’t let his health issues stop him from taking on new interests and playing pool and “Wii” bowling and golfing. He shared an interest in woodworking and made many things that his friends will always cherish.

Bruce touched many peoples’ lives in a way that only a true friend can. He became part of many families through his friendships in our community. His pictures and his pool stick will always hang at the Shamrock Pub because he started many friendships there and he was a big part of the family there.There were so many people that loved Bruce and cared about him and I know that Bruce was loved and respected and will always be part of our memories and when we think about parts of our lives, Bruce will always be there.

“Some people enter your lives and change your direction.” Bruce was that type of person.