Lincoln County School District Superintendent Steve Hansen said this year the entire district has been receiving the food for their breakfast and lunch program from the Clark County School District.

At the last school board meeting, he said the food service is doing very well.

Not everybody likes the food, Hansen admitted, “but not everybody liked it before either.” Was it not Abraham Lincoln who said, “you can’t please all of the people all of the time.”

He said, “School lunch is school lunch, but we are very pleased with the way we can purchase the meals from Clark County School District and they transport them up here every Tuesday. CCSD helps us certify our meals, helps us keep track of all the reporting to the state Department of Agriculture. We now have meal menus that are approved because the full-time nutritionist in the CCSD does them for us as well.”

Although delivered weekly by CCSD, the food is still cooked locally, in the kitchens at Pahranagat Valley High and Lincoln County High.

Another benefit to buying the food from CCSD Hansen said is that, “We are only dealing with one vendor instead of nine, and different people delivering products to us. Our meal counts are up as high as they have ever been, participation is good for the most part. It’s been a very good move and Sarah Somers, with the LCSD, is able to do a food service report at the board meetings.”

Hansen said, “In the past we only had deliveries once a week, but it was nine different vendors. And now, with just one vendor, we can put all of our orders into one place. They do the menus also, we just give them the numbers of how many meals are needed. In all the schools, we probably serve a little more than 400 each day. The great addition is that we also have a hot breakfast that we never had before. Previously it was just pop tarts and granola bars. Now we can serve a breakfast burrito, a bagel sandwich, hot cinnamon rolls, and French toast. We’ve selling a lot more breakfasts than we ever did. Lunch is about the same.”

He said a couple of areas where they “are seeking to improve are the combo meals for the high school students and A La Carte which gives them some snacks and things to purchase.”