1Residents of Lincoln County are no strangers to dealing with limited resources due to our small size. The needs of our families always take precedence and in most cases we, whether urgent or not, can locate the resource or facility we need to take care of most of the issues facing those we care about. If a loved one falls ill or suffers injury, resources like the Fire Department, EMTs, Grover Dills, and the pharmacy are readily available. In minor cases, every grocery and convenience store in the county has a variety of over-the-counter remedies a few minutes away from most residents. Unfortunately, many are forced to leave out family members that are near and dear to their hearts; for some, the only family we have: our pets.

Loving Care Animal Society in Panaca is looking to change that. Founded in August 2013, Loving Care has been working diligently towards their goal of providing a valuable missing resource here in Lincoln, and recently received their 501(c)(3) non-profit status. As with any non-profit organization that is donation driven, progress is slow but steady. The goal for Loving Care is to open a thrift store on the upper floor of their building and a non-profit animal clinic downstairs. There is no timetable or completion date for the clinic at this time because of the cost required to complete it. Susan Austgen, founder of Loving Care, said, “Our short-term and primary focus is to finish construction on the thrift store upstairs, so that we can raise more money needed to complete the Loving Care Animal Society Clinic. We hope to start a swap meet in the Loving Care building until the thrift store is complete.”

Last year, Loving Care received $7,241 in donations. Thanks to the generous donations they received, they were able to spay and neuter forty-eight animals: 11 pet cats, 13 feral cats, and seven pet dogs. These efforts have saved hundreds of unwanted or abandoned animals. No donation money has, or will be, used towards the construction on the building. Every cent goes to the animals treated. Until the clinic is completed and ready, pet owners will continue to receive assistance from Loving Care, but will need to travel to Cedar City for the procedure.

This organization is completely donation driven. The number of animals they helped last year coincides with the $7,241 in donations received. There’s no need to explain the significance of helping this organization. Until they launch the swap meet and thrift store, you can donate to their cause by either mailing a donation to Loving Care Animal Society at P.O. Box 284, Panaca, Nev., 89042 or you can donate recyclables, such as aluminum cans, at the Roll Inn RV Park in Pioche, the Panaca Market, McCrosky’s “Y” service station, and the Loving Care building in Panaca at the corner of Main and Sixth Streets. They are hoping to add more recyclable drop off locations soon. If you’d like to be kept in the loop on upcoming Loving Care events, or simply have questions, you can email them to lovingcareanimalsociety@gmail.com.