8A speed bump for Panaca, on Edwards Street near the fire station, is being planned by the County Road Department.

The Board of Highway Commissioners, in their regular meeting March 16, discussed putting a speed bump on Edwards Street somewhere between Atchison and North Edwards Streets in part because of the concern for traffic on that street. Volunteer firefighters as well as EMT’s travel down the street to the firehouse, and so do the emergency vehicles when they leave the station headed to a call.

However, Highway Board chair Paul Donohue said in a later interview the road department crews expressed concern that a speed bump might be ripped up when snowplows might need to keep Edwards Street clear. They suggested putting in a speed dip, rather than a speed bump.

Donohue said the dip, or bump, whichever is chosen, would be placed on Edwards Street between North 6th and Atchison Streets and probably be installed this summer.

He said having the speed bump, or dip, at that location then means emergency vehicles leaving the fire station can go down Atchison to the highway and avoid the bump/dip.

Any emergency personnel driving cars to the fire station to answer a call will just have to be aware of the bump/dip and go slow if they use 6th Street to Edwards Street.

Some discussion was also heard on improving Butler Street making for an easier access for emergency vehicles from the station to Main Street SR 319, where they would not have to pass through a residential section at all. Donohue said he thought the idea will definitely be looked at more closely.

Also, some parents who live along Edwards Street asked the Highway Department to install signs indicating “Children at Play” in that neighborhood.

Panaca Fire Chief Kerry Lee was out of town at meetings in Las Vegas, and unavailable for comment.