An old saying is “the best offense is a good defense.” But if the defense is not very good, what troubles can that create?

Lincoln County took advantage of not very good defense in blasting out two sizeable wins at Calvary Chapel last Friday, 12-4 in game one, and 24-3 in the nightcap.

A 12-run second inning powered the Lincoln County girls softball team to a big 24-3 win over Calvary Chapel in the nightcap.

Lincoln coach Pat Kelley said Calvary’s pitcher threw both games and by the second inning of the second game, she was just too tired.

But Kelley admitted the Lynx struggled too in the first game. “We kind of didn’t get off the bus there for awhile. We made a lot of mistakes in the field in the first three innings, but we finally had the kids shorten up their swing and they started slapping the ball, making the infielders play the ball, and we started putting some hits together which helped us get our confidence back.” Lincoln scored six runs in the fifth inning for a comfortable 11-4 lead.

In the nightcap, Calvary played terrible defense, Kelley noted, committing 16 errors and the Lynx took full advantage of it. “Everybody was hitting the ball in the second inning, and we even substituted with a lot of our young kids, and Calvary kind of fell apart, mostly with infield errors and bad throws. They would catch what we hit to the outfield, but the infield play was poor.”

The Lynx (10-2) play in the Spring Jamboree at Majestic Park in Las Vegas this week which actually began yesterday against Fallbrook, California (2-9), (east of Camp Pendleton), and Louisville, California (7-4), northwest of Los Angeles.

Kelley said he enjoys the Spring Jamboree as much as he does the one at St. George, because of the level of the competition. “We will face mostly big schools, so we don’t mind if we don’t win a game, it’s just nice to get some good experience against good competition and good pitching.”

Lincoln will not have a few players who are out of town for trips on Spring Break, “but we’ll have our pitchers there, ” Kelley said.