1Lincoln County Deputy Sheriff Captain Gary Davis won again in his Sheriff’s style drag racer.

For the second year in a row, Davis said he recently won his class at the National Hot Rod Association sanctioned Las Vegas Shootout race at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. He said over the three days of the competition, they had time trials, and the final eliminations. This is the eighth annual, he said, “and we have won three of the eight, the last two back to back.”

Also involved was an appearance at the Sunrise Children’s Hospital. The drag racer, a specially rebuilt and modified black and white Ford S-10 pickup truck, has all the markings of a Lincoln County Sheriff’s vehicle, including the flashing red and blue lights on the top. Davis said he gets many comments just on how the vehicle looks. “It’s pretty popular.”

And it is also fast, covering the quarter-mile track in 8.97 seconds, at 153 miles per hour. The car’s best time has been 8.92. “In racing,” he said, “hundredths of a second can make all the difference.”

The Davis family owns the car and all the family is the pit crew, he said. “The County just allows us to put their markings on it, along with some other logos from some of our sponsors.”

Davis occasionally takes the vehicle around to the various schools in the county and shows the kids. It used to be painted green and white, “but when the department went to black and white last year,” he said, “we changed the colors.”

This week, Davis took the car to the Legacy Ranch at Hiko to show the students there. He also answered questions and told them of his own background and involvement in racing. He fired up the engine and at one point, even laid some rubber on a flat cement surface, just to show what it looks like as a drag racer gets ready to launch at the start.

The boys at Legacy ranch were the most interested at first, but when Davis said it has been shown that girl’s reaction times are faster than men’s, “then the girls started to take a closer interest.”

A couple of years ago, Davis was featured on the popular BBC-TV program Top Gear, and blew away the British challenger.

The group to which Davis, and several other racers in Southern Nevada belong is called Nevada Heat, Racing to Educate Sponsors. His sponsor list includes NYE Community Coalition, Windmill Ridge, A Cowboy’s Dream, Fischer Auto Body, Thomas Petroleum, VP Racing Fuel, Cannon Ranch, M.M. Heizer, Goff Motorsports, Bruce Haddrill, Narconon, Richard Haddrill, Davis Racing, American Shooters, Shelby Enterprises Inc., Goodyear Racing, Royal Purple Racing Oil, and Silver State Classic Challenge.