LCR file photo Crowds gather at the Echo Reservoir for one of the fishing tournaments last year.

LCR file photo
Crowds gather at the Echo Reservoir for one of the fishing tournaments last year.

Eagle Valley Resort’s annual fishing derby takes place May 2-3 this year, but there are some changes compared to previous years, namely the loss of the $50,000 “tagged” fishing promo to be replaced by a guaranteed purse to the biggest fish caught.

Resort owner John Crosthwait said anglers can go to any lake, reservoir, or stream in the County to fish for trout, if allowed there. Previously, the contest was held only at Echo or Spring Valley Reservoirs.

Another major change is eliminating the $50,000 prize fish. Crosthwait said, “We just have not been getting enough people that were winning anything, maybe $100 here and there, so we made some changes.”

Since the contest began, no one ever caught the specially tagged $50,000 fish.

“What we have done this year,” Crosthwait said, “is change it to where there will be a guaranteed winner. First prize of $4,000 for the longest trout, and second place will be $1,500.”

Registration is required on the day a person fishes, and must be done in person at Eagle Valley Resort, but the choice of fishing location is open to “any place in the county where a person can fish for trout,” Crosthwait said. Upper Pahranagat Lake is not stocked with trout.

Any trout thought to be a prize winner will have to be turned in personally at Eagle Valley Resort by the deadline each day. “There is no age category. Any age fisherman could win, whoever brings in the longest fish,” he said.

Crosthwait explained the prizes will be awarded on Sunday at the Resort, and everyone who attends will also be given a ticket with the matching number put into a hat, then drawings will be held for $100 prizes, as well as some gift certificates donated by several merchants.

Crosthwait said a big supporter of the event this year is Bass Pro Shops in Las Vegas. “The Bass Pro store has added a link to their website that links to our website, so people can see what we’re doing in Lincoln County.”

Derby times will be 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday, May 2, and 7 a.m. to Noon on Sunday May 3. For more details, call Eagle Valley Resort at 775-962-5293.