3The 2015 Clark County Fair has once again come to a close, with all the youth from 4-H and FFA putting in many long hours to prepare their projects for this event to be shown at Market on Thursday, April 9, and Showmanship on Friday, April 10. Judge Matt Kennedy from Waller, Texas explained that on Thursday it was all about how “finished” their animals were for Market, where as Friday, it was all about how well the 4-H and FFA youth presented their project animal to him. Knowledge of their project also played a key role when Judge Kennedy was placing the youth with a tie in mind.

This year, youth in Lincoln County had only a small number of entries other than beef. In Market Lamb, Laetitia Ray in Division 3, placed fourth. William Gutierrez received a blue ribbon in Market Swine and made it to the final round in Showmanship Swine. Kassidy Mathews won Grand Champion in Market Swine, under the Mesquite 4-H club. Congratulations!

In Market Beef, Brett Higbee came home with a first place in Division 1 Class 1, with older brother Preston Higbee placing second, and Madison Mathews placing fifth. In Division 2 Class 2, Janel Meldrum placed third; in Division 3 Class 1 Kayla Mathews placed fifth; and in Division 4 Brook Higbee placed third. Brook Higbee also tied for second place in Rate of Gain under her steer project.

In the Showmanship Beef category, Lincoln County had a few placing in the Senior Division: Third place went to Madison Mathews, fourth to Daved Wilson and fifth to Janel Meldrum. In the Intermediate Division, Preston Higbee came home in fifth place. In the Junior Division, Brett Higbee placed second and Jerett Stewart placed fifth.

Again, without the 4-H and FFA leaders and parent involvement, these youth would not be able to achieve the knowledge and discipline to complete all that is required for them to present their projects at the Clark County Fair. Well done everyone, you make all of Lincoln County proud.