4Lincoln County went South and Pahranagat Valley went West in their track meets last weekend.

Lincoln was involved in the 30-team Arbor View Invitational in Las Vegas and 14 Lynx athletes had career bests in their events.

Sam Anderson had a career best of 11.63 in the 100 meters, ran 24.51 in the 200 meters, and a career best of 18-7¾ in the Long Jump. Landen Smith had personal bests in the 100 meters at 12.12 and 18.26 in the 200 meters, then ran 45.53 in the 300 meter hurdles. Benson Wadsworth had a personal best in three events, 12.26 in the 100 meters, 25.68 in the 200 meters, and 16-9¾ in the Long Jump. Sam Barfield had a personal best of 2:11.99 in the 800 meters. Carlin Christiansen had a best time of 2:37.13 in the 800 meters, ran 6:04.81 in the 1600 meters and 13:50.45 in the 3200 meters. Will Culverwell had personal bests of 18.80 in the 110 meter hurdles and 43.63 in the 300 meter hurdles. Tyler Frehner had personal bests of 17.97 in the 110 meter hurdles and 44.28 in the 300 meter hurdles. Lincoln ran 1:37.17 in the 4×200 relay. Paul Hansel made 33-9¾ in the Shot Put.

In the girls meet, Bridon Lewis ran 14.19 in the 100 meters, 31.24 in the 200 meters, and went 15-6 in the Long Jump. Shantel Lister has a best of 14.24 in the 100 meters. Amy Thomas ran 28.25 in the 200 meters, and had a personal best of 1:03.33 in the 400 meters. Mayah Hafen had a personal best of 31.76 in the 200 meters and jumped 10-3 in the Long Jump. Ashlee Decker had two personal bests of 3:07.30 in the 800 meters and 6:59.78 in the 1600 meters. Haylee Zierow ran a personal best time of 7:13.26 in the 1600 meters. Madison Mathews had two personal bests in the distance events, 6:21.19 in the 1600 meters and 13.28.17 in the 3200 meters. Dani Lister threw the Discus 60-10. Lena Hensel had a personal best of 11-5 in the Long Jump.

In the meantime, saying she wanted to have her team see some of the competition from Northern schools, Pahranagat Valley coach Lark Harrington took all but one of the Panther team to the 27-team Carson Invitational in Carson City last Saturday. She said it was reported there were over 1400 athletes at the meet

Oscar Heredia ran 2:29.28 in the 800 meters and had a personal best of 5:38.81 in the 1600 meters and was 15-7 in the Long Jump. Matthew Prince was timed at 2:29.87 in the 800 meters, but did not run in the 1600 and 3200-meter events. Danny Heredia ran the 1600 meters in 5:52.33, and the 3200 meters in 12:59.28. PVHS had no boys in the hurdles events and only Oscar Heredia in the Long Jump. They did run the 4×200 relay in 1:49.17.

In the girls meet, Jessica Harrington set a personal mark of 31.46 in the 200 meters, ran 1:15.46 in the 400 meters, and was 12-5½ in the Long Jump. Minami Onodera was 1:20.18 in the 400 meters, 7:33.41 in the 1600 meters, and 12-4 in the Long Jump. Shayla Leavitt was 2:47.12 in the 800 meters, 6:23.34 in the 1600 meters, and 10-10½ in the Long Jump. None of the Pahranagat girls were in the hurdles events, relay events, or field events except the Long Jump.

Lincoln County and Pahranagat Valley both took part The Meadows Weekday Division III-IV meet on Tuesday in Las Vegas this week, and then Lincoln goes to the White Pine Invitational in Ely this Friday, and Pahranagat Valley is off until the Boulder City Small School Invitational May 1.