3Chris Carlton, new BLM field manager for the Caliente office, was introduced at the County Commission meeting April 20. He takes over for Victoria Barr, who transferred to New Mexico.

He said he has been in the office about three weeks now, coming from the BLM office in Spokane, Washington where he worked in land use planning.

Carlton said he has also worked several years in Wyoming “as a planner in the state office, traveling to the various counties working with both the counties and the BLM offices on resource and planning issues.”

He said in the past five to six years, he has had considerable experience working with conservation districts, counties and state agencies, “mostly statewide land use planning, but also working on the national land use planning act.”

He was in the U.S. Air Force for five years as a logistics officer, and also in private practice as a consultant for the Army Corps of Engineers.

A native of northern Maine, Carlton said his family farm bordered Canada, and he fell in love with the west when he moved to Wyoming.