Dear Editor,

An open letter to the People of Lincoln County:

In early April we brought a small group of people to Lincoln County to film a teaser trailer for a feature film we are hoping to get off the ground

Everything was pulled together incredibly last minute to get everything we needed together in order to start filming on the 7th of April.

The story takes place in Lincoln County because of it’s famous base at Area 51. Not surprisingly there is a sci-fi component to the project.

Called Pranking Rachel – the film will center around three friends from the UK who come to prank the US starting with the people around Area 51 to convince the world there are aliens there. However, their antics backfire and the people of the area start to prank back.

It’s mix of sci-fi, comedy and a little horror. It will not be an adult movie however. We are working with four emerging online celebrities, who have made their names through YouTube and Vine. These guys were certainly out of place in the remote Nevada desert stemming from the UK and Em from Oregon.

I represent Navada (I know it’s spelled incorrectly) a company originally from the UK that does creative projects and digital marketing. We’ve partnered with a talent agency JEY, whom manage these online celebrities. However, I originally stem from Nevada – I grew up in Las Vegas.

We chose the towns around Area 51, in particular Caliente, because I know the beauty of the area and the iconic imagery of the town. My uncle lives up in Pioche as a ranger out at the state park with his family.

I want to express a heartfelt thanks to everyone in Lincoln County including the Sheriff, local representatives of the Nevada Department of Transport and many others who showed us warmth and welcome. A very special thank you to the people of Caliente – they were amazingly generous, accommodating and supportive.

Thanks to Nolan and his team at the Shady Motel – so supportive and went out of his way to help us both staying there and filming. The folks at the Knotty Pine, where a few shots were filmed – so hospitable. Thanks to the Branding Iron and the True Value Hardware store and Kevin Phillips.

All the cast and crew took many amazing memories. We have a fundraising campaign to raise the budget ongoing for the next 60 days. Once the budget is secure, we will be back and back with a big crew and a lot of filming.
The production will bring both money to the local community and we sincerely hope increased interest in the area. We will certainly do all we can to shout about the amazing people in Lincoln County.

Additionally, if the budget is confirmed, we will be speaking to the local high schools in Lincoln and Clark County about providing a selection of students to take part in aspects of the production, hopefully inspiring the next generation of production talent.

We have a lot of money to raise and big job over the next 2 months, but we will get there. The success of the campaign will rely on the trailer and that trailer was only made possible, in no small part because of the people of Lincoln County

A deep heartfelt thanks to you all.
Jeremy Forsberg
CEO | Navada North America

Dear Editor,

The recent article on the Garden and Coal Valley conservation proposal was a bit misdirecting, as the conservation proposal will in fact protect the existing grazing rights by the ranchers that use these two valleys. The proposal is specifically written as such, “Subject to valid existing rights in existence on the date of enactment of this Act, the approximately 805,100 acres of Federal land generally depicted on the map entitled “Garden Valley Withdrawal Area” and dated July 11, 2014, is withdrawn from— (1) entry, appropriation, and disposal under the public land laws; (2) location, entry, and patent under the mining laws; and (3) operation of the mineral leasing, mineral materials, and geothermal leasing laws.” Where is grazing mentioned in there as a use that will be withdrawn from the area? I don’t see it in there, do you?

If this land is not protected from the leasing of solar, gas, oil, or mineral development, then how can we protect them smaller family ranchers, whom unlike big factory farms that pump their beef full of growth hormones and antibiotics, graze their cattle in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way, as they have for generations? If anything Senator Reid is supporting and protecting the rancher’s way of life. If Coal and Garden Valley are not protected, it will be auctioned off to the higher bidder, and who knows what that will do to the ranchers that depend on the area for their livelihoods?

Thank you,
Genine Aiello