Management of the Carefree Living Apartments in Lincoln County has not been very good as of late, according to County Commissioner Paul Donohue.

At the Commission meeting May 4, he said he has received phone calls of complaint from some of the residents in those apartments in Caliente, Pioche and Panaca. ?Statements to the effect that their facilities were not being properly taken care of.?

Donohue said the apartments have been sold to an out-of-state property management company, but he did know from what city.

He said he told the residents the best course of action would be for the County Commissioners to sign a letter to the new owners that they are concerned about some of the complaints being made and want to make sure the company is aware of the problems and will take care of the residents.

Apparently, the previous apartment owners were not sufficient in their management practices.

Commission chair Kevin Phillips said the letter was intended to inform the new owners ?that our people are showing up saying there are continuing problems, and we take kindly to our seniors and need to sit up and pay attention to what is being said.?

He said maintenance issues have been the major complaints, ?and when they have no response and the issue continues it soon become egregious in the life of the senior. For example, if a toilet doesn?t work in an apartment and you are 90 years old in the middle of winter, and it doesn?t get fixed for two or three months on end, it?s a real difficult issue. There have also been alleged faults such as not having covers on electrical circuits. What we are wanting to do with the letter of concern is to encourage the company. These are your customers and there is an obligation to them.?

In the meantime, the Caliente City Hall said they have heard some good things have been taking place in the apartments since the new owners took control, and the company even hired a full time maintenance man and grounds keeper.

A letter of response to the commissioners is likely.