5 6Performers from around Lincoln County proved without a doubt one thing the night of Saturday, May 2: Lincoln County really has talent.

The show, ‘Lincoln County’s Got Talent’, drew a full house at the Thompson Opera House in Pioche, and those who attended, were treated to a wide variety of talents. Saturday’s show had a little of everything, with 13 performances that included solo and duet singers, piano solos, a piano/violin duet, guitar solo, and dance performances in both contemporary and modern styles. All, including the producers and staff of the show, were treated to an unexpected surprise by the final performance of the night. Halfway through the show, a request was made to add a performer to the end of the show. Since an act had to withdraw due to sickness, little Kaden Parker was added on; he brought the house down with a breakdance/hip hop dance routine. As patrons left the theater, unanimous responses of how talented the performers are were expressed to show producer Leslie Derkovitz.

Derkovitz said afterwards, “I don’t think most of the people living here in Lincoln County have any idea how much outstanding talent we have here. For such a small and rural community, I think we have talent that can hold its own with any big city in the country.”