9The Southeastern Lincoln County Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP) has been developed to provide a way to allow for growth and development in the southeastern portion of Lincoln County. Habitat restoration plays a key role in conservation planning for the Willow Flycatcher as we work towards the development of suitable habitat.

The (HCP) had a very successful planting for this year’s mitigation project. We were fortunate to have the help of the Caliente Youth Center. The “Kimberly Cottage” volunteered their time along with their leader Dave Luchessi to work with the HCP to obtain the willow poles and get them planted on certain BLM sites down the Meadow Valley Wash. We brought in 600 pole plantings in one day, put them in water and in a few weeks were able to get them all planted along the Meadow Valley Wash in areas where it would benefit the Willow flycatcher. This type of planting also helps to slow down soil erosion in the stream bank during times of flooding.

This group of young women worked very hard for three days and got a lot accomplished. Their willingness to come out into the community and do projects for the benefit of Lincoln County is so appreciated. The HCP commends the “Kimberly Cottage” for their efforts and thanks the Caliente Youth Center for allowing the kids to be of help in the community.