14Lincoln County is sending only one team to the Little League District III tournament this year.

Coach Ken Maxwell, assisted by Paul Christian, said it will be the 10-11-year-old All-Stars at Elko June 25-29. “Most of the 12-year-old boys didn’t want to go to the district tournament in Hawthorne this year,” Maxwell said.

He added, “We usually have two teams, but not so this year, and we decided to just put all our eggs into one basket.”

Maxwell said Lincoln County is not having a 9-10-year-old All-Star team this year either, as the best 10-year old players were pulled up to the 10-11-year old All-Stars.

The winner of the District III 10-11 year-old tournament does go to the state tournament, but no further. Maxwell said he did not know when or where the state tournament will be held.

Those on the team this year include Hagen Boyce, Gage Davis, Seth Patrick, Keith Peterson, Jaren Leavitt, Kobee Kelley, Tyler Torrealday, Haigen Harris, Cody Howard, Braiden Maxwell, Kolby Stewart, Conner Carter and Kobi Fiatoa.

In addition, there is no Little League Lincoln County Softball All-Star team this year.