Mary Kaye will be performing at the Thompson Opera House on July 18.

Mary Kaye will be performing at the Thompson Opera House on July 18.

The Thompson Opera House is in full swing, having just hosted Melanie Devaney and bringing in Mary Kaye, with The Sisters, July 18.

This past Saturday, Melanie Devaney treated the audience to collection of her own songs, some covers and insightful back stories to each song. Guests heard a variety of music covering a range of topics from serious life instances we have all experienced to hilarious songs, such as “I’m Not Afraid to Butcher a Chicken.” Devaney expressed her love for small towns like Pioche and said she’d definitely make another appearance at the Opera House.

On Saturday, July 18, the Opera House will host Mary Kaye, as well as The Sisters. In 2014, Mary Kaye was nominated for the Entertainer of the Year and Female Performer of the Year awards by the Western Music Association. She is the Western Music Association’s 2013 Female Performer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year as well as True West Magazine’s 2013 “Best Solo Musician.” She received a 2013 Spur Award for “Best Western Song” from the Western Writer’s of America. She was also awarded the 2012 Song of the Year award from the Western Music Association.

In addition, she is the Academy of Western Artists’ 2011 Western Female Performer of the Year and the Western Music Association’s 2010 Female Vocalist of the Year. In April of 2013 Mary Kaye released her latest album, “The Dawn and The Dusk,” to strong reviews. It is currently number one on the Western Music Charts and was nominated for the 2013 Western Album of the Year by the WMA. Her 2012 album, “No Wilder Place,” received excellent reviews in the Western Horseman and American Cowboy magazines and debuted on the western music charts at number one. Her 2010 release, “Clean Outta Luck,” was on the western music charts for twelve months, went as high as number four on the charts and garnered a Song of the Year nomination from the WMA.

The July 18 show is expected to be standing room only, so it is recommend get tickets early and to arrive to the show early as well to get a good seat. Leslie Derkovitz said, “I’m excited and pleased with the support our community has shown to the performers at Thompson’s Opera House this year. Our goal is keep building on this momentum and make the Opera House an entertainment staple for families in and around our county.” Derkovitz hopes to get more of the county’s commissioners to this upcoming show as well; not to just entertain them, but to show the progress the Opera House is making.