3Coyote Springs has hired Alamo engineer and graphic artist Sam Lytle as a full-time staff and field engineer.

Emilia Cargill, senior vice-president and general counsel said his duties will be, “to help coordinate our land development projects that we are going to be going forward with now that we are starting back with development, and we own all of the property once again.”

Coyote Springs Investment has been in litigation with Pardee Homes/Weyerhaeuser since 2011, alleging the builder had reneged on its agreements to proceed with some 159,000 homes on the 43,000-acre master planned development.

In addition, the lawsuit also alleged that Pardee in November 2010, stopped work on infrastructure improvements, which included a sewer treatment and water treatment plant. Pardee also stopped work on a golf clubhouse and notified the developers in December it wouldn’t continue.

However, Cargill said that lawsuit has been settled and “we’re back into a development phase.”

She said Lytle’s work will involve helping to engineer the water treatment plant, the sewer treatment plant and complete the detention basins“so we can have all those municipal services and storm control, first things first, and then we intend to move forward with housing.”

Lytle, as a trained engineer, Cargill said, “will be doing general processing work, helping out with plans, helping coordinate the contractors on site, making sure they are doing things according to their plans.”

Lytle will have an office at the Coyote Springs headquarters. “We like the fact that Sam is local. He knows the area, and is interested in seeing Coyote Springs grow.”

Cargill added, “We are excited and thrilled to have him on board.”