The 24 have provided food, camaraderie and opportunities for learning and/or practicing new trades or hobbies for years. While the centers help fight boredom, they’ve also fought to stay open.

Attendance is the primary factor used in deciding the level of grant funding, if any, each center will get. Grants are determined by current and projected needs. If, after a qualifying length of time, it’s determined that the need is inflated or there is no longer a need for funding, the grant is pulled.

Community support is the only option to save these centers. Alamo’s Senior Center came dangerously close to losing their funding, but after some public outreach and community support, it’s going strong and in good standing.

The Pioche Senior Center is dangerously close to losing its funding. Meanwhile, Panaca’s center actually did but fought and worked hard to get their center back to their community.

Today and tomorrow, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., the Senior Center in Panaca is celebrating its grand reopening with an open house. There will also be a yard sale, an overview of programs that will be started (according to interest), plans for the lunch program relaunch and information about transportation to and from the center for those who need it.

“The Senior Center has a role to play in the lives of the older generation here in Panaca,” said Torrie Klomp, who is coordinating this weekend’s event, as well as each week ahead at the center. “We are trying to fulfill a need by offering opportunities for service and participation in programs that will enhance the lives of our Seniors. All are invited to join us”.

Klomp invites the community to call 775-728-4580 for more information.