3About a week after heavy rains caused roadside erosion to SR 318 in Hiko, rains again drenched the lower part of the county just before midnight and into the early morning hours of July 8.

Caleb Steele with the National Weather Service in Las Vegas said the storm clouds formed in Nevada, not moving up from California or Arizona, then moved mostly in a north, northeasterly direction over Nye and Lincoln counties. The city of Las Vegas was not affected much.

The Community Environmental Monitoring Program stations reported Alamo had .67 inches by midnight and Caliente had .11 inches by 4 a.m. However, the Pioche station didn’t report any rain, although residents said some did fall.

The storm did bring a lot of thunder and lightening, which continued for several hours after the rains had stopped, particularly in the Pahroc and Delamar Valleys and on up toward Pioche into Utah.

There were no reports of traffic being delayed by water on the roadways, although a high water warning was posted at the intersection of Broadway and U.S. 93 in Alamo across from Great Basin Foods. Rock and mud erosion was evident around town in the usual places, but a bit heavier than usual down by the rodeo grounds and along Box Canyon Road, on the south side of the Alamo Annex building.

Another rainstorm Wednesday afternoon created more erosion in Alamo at various locations.