The Directors of Nevada Bank & Trust are pleased to announce the appointment of Spencer Hafen as the President and Chief Executive Officer of the Bank. Hafen has been with the bank since August of 2010.

Nevada Bank & Trust, with headquarters in Caliente, operates four branches in rural Nevada. The Bank was founded in 1978 in response to the banking needs of the rural communities in Eastern Nevada. The management of Nevada Bank & Trust recognizes the unique needs of the consumers in these rural areas. The Board is confident that Hafen will lead the Bank into the future of banking while retaining the old fashioned values that have made the Bank a valued partner in the communities that it serves.

We appreciate those that have supported us in the past and hope that you continue to have confidence in the Bank to meet your future banking needs. Our greatest desire is to partner with the communities that we serve to help grow and expand the resources that allow our customers to meet their long range goals.